Project Room is a Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary design studio. We are artists and designers and together we approach every problem as a think tank. This makes us well suited to tackle questions that haven't been asked before -- to better address needs and opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed, let alone unsolved. In other words, we are conceptually driven, but client focused.

The office is led by three partners - Isaac Resnikoff, Sandra Yum and Sumit Sahdev. With domestic and international experience, we have designed and managed projects from concept to construction. We work on a wide variety of projects ranging from furniture, residential, commercial to cultural projects, making sure we give every project the same care and attention.


Isaac Resnikoff

Isaac Resnikoff is an artist, designer and curator who graduated with a BFA from The Cooper Union in 2002 and an MFA from UCLA in 2009. He brings a conceptually rigorous fine art approach to his work with Project Room, understanding objects and spaces as generators of meaningful physical experience. Isaac’s work as an artist has been widely exhibited including collaborative projects at 356 Mission, where Michael Dopp and Resnikoff created the piano bar “Tickles,” and solo projects at Louis B. James in New York and JOAN in Los Angeles. Resnikoff also partnered with Dopp to build and curate the freestanding art gallery Arturo Bandini. In addition to a developing a cult following in Los Angeles, Dopp and Resnikoff were commissioned to build and curate exact copies of the structure in Jackson, WY and at Ballroom Marfa, TX.


Sandy Yum

Sandy Yum is an architectural designer who graduated with a B. Arch from Cornell University in 2005 and a M. Arch from Harvard University in 2008. Prior to working at Project Room, she had her own practice (XO, AXO) in Los Angeles and has worked for the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in New York. Her previous work experiences include the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, the Masterplan of the Bogotá Centro Administrativo Nacional (CAN), as well as the future FAB Civic Center Park in Downtown Los Angeles. Additionally, Sandy teaches studio classes at the School of Architecture at the University of Southern California and enjoys a practice that focuses on rethinking the relationships people have with the built environment.


Sumit Sahdev

Sumit Sahdev is an architectural designer with international experience managing projects from concept to construction. Prior to Project Room, Sumit worked with the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in New York on several landmark projects including the Toranomon Hills mixed-use office tower complex in Tokyo, Transbay Block 8 residential tower in San Francisco, Park Grove residential tower in Miami and the bespoke interior showroom for the Mori Building Urban Lab in Tokyo. He has established a balanced career, always giving equal attention to design and execution. Sumit received his B. Arch from Cornell University in 2005 and his M. Arch from Princeton University in 2009.